Monday, May 2, 2011

Don’t forget to allow your child in active play

Active play for the children is a part of their life and development. It builds their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. You can say that you are getting good result by giving your child access to educational television programs and also computer games. But this cannot be one alternative of active play learning because this will help your child to increase their ability, balance, coordination and finally their physical fitness. You can facilitate your child so that they may take part in team sport such as soccer, baseball etc.
It is also possible for you to help your child participate in a sport and it may be a team sport such as baseball or soccer etc. Through active play your child will remain active. It will help your child in building friendship with other child in the community.
Active play always does not need your child to be out door. There are many event of active play which can be played in indoor; you help your child to choose such a game according to their age.

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