Saturday, April 30, 2011

Child capacity Building

Let your children participate with you .
If you like to see your child all rounder and active, then it is very important for you to assist your child in capacity building. Sure you will consider their food, education, health and all other needs and right. At the same time you will allow your child to participate and in taking decision of some work matching their age. Your child may decide to take their food, select reading hour, dress, friends, playground and event.

Participation and idea sharing with your child is the most effective way to build up the capacity of your child. Always try to share them your idea about your work . Present your idea to them considering their age. You will see that your child is responding nice and taking part gladly. Thus your children will be glad understanding their value in the family. It is a way of reorganization of your child which is very helpful for children.  
You may think that our child has no capacity to take decision.    But if you facilitate them and give scope, you will see that the potentiality and capacity of your child you need can be closer than you think.