Monday, May 2, 2011

Child to Child Learning

Child To Child Learning
The most effective method of learning.

There are various types of learning method but child to child learning method is the most effective one. We the duty bearers should know about the methods of learning. If we have the idea then we can easily execute that, facilitate our children. This is one experience from exercise that children may feel fear, uneasy or shy to ask questions to parents, teacher or to others elders. But they feel easy and friendly to their friends.

Parent can make the arrangement for their child to sit together with friends at a certain point and time to exchange the ideas and views with each others. The formal arrangement not mandatory , they can also exchange their ideas when they meet. But you can facilitate your child. If one weak student and one talent student sit together and they are good in relation, they can help each other in the study. The teaching which they will receive for each other is more valuable and rich from the teaching from teacher and institutions. So parents should believe child to child learning concept, not neglect the importance of institutional education, create enabling environment for the greater interest of their child.

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